House of Dialogue

What is it about?

A multi-purpose international centre housing seminars, workshops, meetings, and cultural events in combination with alternative tourism.
Project Zeta aims to promote dialogue and a holistic philosophy of education and lifelong learning, linked to culture, alternative tourism and well-being activities.

What does it provide?

Excellent infrastructure, high tech services and know-how for the organisation of seminars and workshops, conferences, meetings, exhibitions and concerts of small scale. In this, we follow the needs of the participants and undertake responsibility towards the nature, the tradition and the history of the region.

Who are the addressee of our services?

  • Managers and executives of companies, organisations and institutions
  • Companies, organisations and institutions providing training seminars
  • Publishing houses, cultural organisations and associations, musicians, painters, writers
  • Instructors of yoga and meditation, promoters of well-being and slow food, etc.

Our services

  • Conference room of high technical standards
  • Catering and catering facilities
  • Training kitchen
  • Hall and infrastructure for cultural and artistic events
  • Multi-purpose room for yoga, meditation, painting and creative writing workshops
  • Hiking and cooking packages

Additional services

  • Organisation of accommodation for up to 50 people (in Zagora)
  • Transfer services (from airports ATH, SKG, VOL)
  • Outdoor activities (hiking, canoeing, etc.)
  • Indoor activities (group cooking, slow food, yoga, meditation, qigong, pilates, creative writing workshops)

Technical equipment

  • Ergonomic chairs and conference tables
  • Canvas screen 2,5 x 4 m
  • Professional interactive monitor (86 inch 4K)
  • Intelligent lighting
  • Professional videoconference system
  • Flip charts
  • Special artwork hanging system
  • Professional artwork lighting
  • Magnetic boards
House of Dialogue

Location: Zagora Pelion

  • Village in the lush vegetation of eastern Pelion, at an altitude of 450 m with panoramic view at the Aegean Sea
  • Ideal area for disconnection from everyday life
  • Rich commercial history since the Middle Ages and a historical place of enlightenment in Greece
  • Large number of historical buildings and mansions
  • Lively community of apple and chestnut producers

Megalo Saloni

  • Central multipurpose room 150 m22
  • Conference layout: 36 seats
  • Theatre-seating: 115 seats
  • Professional presentation system
  • Professional videoconferencing system
  • Canvas screen (2.5 x 4m)
  • Exhibition hanging & lighting system
  • Wooden floor
  • Professional soundsystem
House of Dialogue
House of Dialogue


  • 54 m22
  • Monastery tables (38 seats)
  • Professional videoconferencing system
  • Interactive monitor (86 inch 4K)
  • Wooden floor
  • Professional soundsystem
  • Exhibition Hanging & Lighting-system


  • 38 m2
  • Taining kitchen (gas)
  • Professional soundsystem
  • Fully automatic coffee machines
  • Floor tiles

Our values

Our activities in are governed by our values; these are the cornerstones of our identity.

House of Dialogue